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Music Review: Money Shot by Puscifer

    Written By: Paul Ancona     I recently picked up the new album from Puscifer called Money Shot. I had one week to get to know the album … Continue reading

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Halloween: Poems by Doug Miller

We wanted to do something special today. For a few years now Doug has been writing Halloween poetry every day for the month of October. Here are a few for … Continue reading

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Music Review: Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots

Blurryface   No, I’m not talking about your vision after a few drinks. I am talking about Twenty One Pilots new album, Blurryface. Who is Twenty One Pilots may be … Continue reading

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Book(s) Review: The Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson

Written by: Paul Ancona “Would you like to destroy some evil today…” -Nightblood As some of our listeners of the Idiot Box Experts know, out of both hosts, I’m obviously … Continue reading

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Doug’s Movie Review(s): Fury and Captain America Winter Soldier.

  Hello, Sorry it has been awhile, I know you are waiting with bated breath to read my latest thoughts on my current movie viewing. This week I am reviewing … Continue reading

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Comic-Con 2015

    Written By: Paul Ancona     Comic-con happened a few weeks ago and now that the dust has settled I wanted to cover some of the larger announcements. … Continue reading

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Movie Review “Mad Max:Fury Road”

      Written By: Paul Ancona and his Jessica     This review is unique. I asked my girlfriend to write a review for this movie due to her limited … Continue reading

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Doug’s Boxie Award Special

Written by: Doug Miller *WARNING* Article does contain some *SPOILERS*   Hello all of you in TV land, OK that was lame, I’m sorry. Ok, I’m getting on with it. … Continue reading

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Doug’s Movie Review: Excalibur

Written By:Doug Miller Good morning everyone, today I’m getting on the waaaaaay back train all the way to 1981. John Boormans sumptuous “Excalibur”. Let me begin by saying that this … Continue reading

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Doug’s Movie Review: Doomsday.

Written By:Doug Miller QUICK! What do you get if you cross King Arthur with 28 Days later, Mad Max, and a Bitchin Punk Rock scene? Too SLow! DOOMSDAY!  Doomsday is … Continue reading

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